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About us

Why Nonono exists?

Nonono’s mission is to improve the relationship between consumers and companies. We help consumers to resolve issues. We help companies to improve. And we advocate transparency because transparency creates trust.

What is Nonono?

We are building a service where you can report and resolve any issue about any airline in public – for free. Your issue can be a complaint, feedback, suggestion, dispute, group complaint or any kind of beef you would like to resolve.

Why use Nonono? – Squeaky wheel gets the grease

  • Impact: public message is more effective. We will deliver your message past the front line customer service straight up to the higher ranks.
  • You are not alone: we make sure your issue will remain public. Our staff will help you to resolve your issue. We will keep you posted on how your issue handling is progressing.
  • You can report issues anonymously: many people have told us they don’t contact companies directly as they believe nothing will happen. But they also don’t want to post to social media to protect their reputation.
  • You help others to make better informed decisions by providing valuable information.
  • Ease of use: you don’t need to search for contact details or struggle with a complicated form. You can enjoy our extremely simple form.
  • You can report an issue to multiple companies in one go. Let’s say you have a suggestion for multiple airlines, you can tag them all and we will deliver the message to all of them. This works especially with group complaints.
  • What is a group complaint? Group complaint was designed to give you an opportunity to join forces with others. Group complaints use crowdsourced force to make bigger impact. Group complaint can also be a suggestion to multiple airlines. To create a group complaint, simply add a “group complaint” keyword to your issue. Then anyone can support your group complaint with a single click.

How Nonono benefits companies? – A friend in need is a friend indeed

  • Transparent communication educates customers
  • When companies resolve issues well in public, customers can see the company can be trusted even in difficult or unexpected situations.
  • Good, earned reputation attracts new customers

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. -Bill Gates